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 Have you heard about Ecotopia Bike Tour? Well, whatever the answer is, if you are a vegan or at least a vegetarian, if you are a hippy or at least a hipster and you ride a bicycle, then this is the ride for you.

 Bike Tour is a bicycle tour that passes through several countries with the aim to raise the public awareness on certain environmentally related issues. But I will not tell you about the history, because you can read it on the Bike Tour’s web that, along other info about the Bike Tour.

 What I will tell you is that in 2009 the Bike Tour passed through the Balkans. Yes, I took part there as well, with a friend of mine, and it was a very interesting experience. Now, I know that I would not like to experience it again. I would not be able to stand those vegan meals, but you on the other hand, you just might need this kind of adventure, and you wish to do some good for the environment and the world. Well the Ecotopia Bike Tour might just be the challenge for you. Jokes aside, Ecotopia Bike Tour is a great possibility to meet people from all over the world, to learn something different, and something very different. Who knows, maybe you will like the vegan meals, the horizontal decision making system of the group, the use of organic soap in every stream or pool, the easy approach to bicycle riding and life in general. It is an adventure in any case and a story that you will tell for a long time.

Ecotopia Bike Tour 2009

 It looks like that now it will be again back in the Balkans, and there is a preparatory meeting in Thessalonica on the 15 March. So if you are interested to help out and be one of the people to influence where the Bike Tour will pass, grab your bicycle and go there, because there are 10 more days till the meeting.
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