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 Over the years of bicycle touring and hosting bicycle travellers, I’ve met so many people on a bicycle that I began to forget. So for the sake of remembering and for the sake of showing just how many people are out there, I am compiling this list of blogs, sites, pages, and just about anything where people on a bicycle tour keep some kind of record of memories.

 While this in a sense may be just a plane simple list, you can use it to read even more other people's experiences and get even more inspiration to set sail on your bicycle. And it is especially good to read, at least some of them, because they can give you ideas and information about the places you will pass. If you have a plan to pass somewhere that is.

 The only problem is how to sort them. Perhaps it would be great if they are sorted by the countries that the bicycle traveller visited. But most of the blogs are alive, and people keep adding new posts and visit new countries. I could perhaps list then in accordance to the birth country of the bicycle traveller. No. The best, I think, is if the list is made in accordance to the place at the moment they consider a home (besides the tent). This way if there is a bicycle traveller near you, you can seek for to meet and have a beer (if he/she is ever back from bicycle touring).

 So here it goes (brace your self).


Andrés (Argentina) and Clémence (France) going about the world with on their bicycles.  (French, Spanish and some English)


Anna Kortschak is hooked on riding a bicycle.

Chris Gruar rode his bicycle from UK to Australia for a cause – to collect funding for cancer research.


Alec Lemaire, he rode through the Balkans, and guess what, he loved Macedonia.

Bhinti met Olivia and went on a ride to Tierra del Fuego.

Chris and Margo are exploring the world on a bicycle and with grey hairs.

Daniel is a librarian on a bicycle.

Friedel and Andrew travel together on a bicycle.

Grandon is a nomad of the world.

Jeff Kruys sure likes to travel on his bicycle.

Julian, and Ellie, rode slowly their bicycles.

Kevin rides around Banff.

Loretta Henderson is the solo female on a bicycle.

Lucie and Torrey went riding bicycles so other people can ride bicycles too.

Michele and Benoit went on a euphoric bicycle tour of the world.

Peter and Monika took a year off everything and rode some bicycles.

Pico Triani writes a blog about his travels and invites others to join writing.


Nicolai Bangsgaard went for a really long ride.

Thomas is cycling around the world. 


El Taraumara does a lot of things, but lets face it, he is biking.


Albane, Joseph, Inès, Géraldine & Antoine, a French family travelling by bike.  (French) 

Anne and Hadrien set on an optimistic bicycle tour of the world.  (French)

Baptiste, Gregorie and Sibylle made a world tour with a tandem bicycle.  (French)

Etienne, Simon and Yoann are students travelling and talking about urban agriculture.

Isabelle and Bruno are a lovely bicycle couple.  (French)

Maxime is travelling from France to Turkey.

Simon and Vincent are travelling from France to China.

Elise and Adrien went on a bicycle trip.  (French)


Eric and Amaya are stationed in Germany now, but making their way in every single country in the world by bicycle.

Helmut and Verena are touring the world.  (German)

Sebastian has a lovely looking blog, but all in German language.  (German)

Sven decided to cheer him self up and ride a bicycle.

Tobias Dick rides and rides and rides.  (German)

Thomas Gand went on a world tour still rides.

Hong Kong

Rob Lilwall is an adventurer and walks or rides a bicycle.


Mohammad is riding his bike so there can be more trees on this planet.


Shosham and Amit did a lot of bicycle tours together.


Yoshida, well he does ride a bicycle, but very difficult to understand... nice photos, though.  (Japanese)


Joe Campbell is blogging about his significant rides.

Doyoun Kwon quit his job and decided to have a ride of his life through the Balkans.  (Korean)


Aleksandar and Bojana travel around the Balkan.  (Macedonian)

The Netherlands

Elmar and Ellen are on their world tour.

Marijcke and Dennis spend their vacations on their bicycles.

Mirjam is on her bicycle since 2001.

Sonya Spry and Aaldrik Mulder find this world wonderful and always for a bicycle ride.

New Zealand

Emma and Justin made a bicycle back home from London, UK.

Olivia met Bhinti and went on a ride to Tierra del Fuego.

Noch Tracey travels from New Zealand to Scotland.


Anders Levoll and Birgit Ryningen are now on a two year ride, but they write about many things.  (Norwegian)

Knut rode his bicycle from North to South of this planet.


Agnieszka and Mateusz Waligóra are going to the end of the world on their bicycles.  (Polish)


Yury is travelling the world and running a blog.


DunLin, YiXi, Sean and YiKen, a family of four travelling the world, and sometimes they travel on a bicycle.

South Africa

Paul is making his way deep down, to Angola on a bicycle.


Alvaro Neil is bringing smiles across the globe on his bicycle.

Anna and Ruben did a nice bicycle tour.  (Catalan)

Carlos, his website is in Spanish, but you understand that he is living his dream. As a vet he wants to travel the world and offer his services in exchange for food and bed. (Spanish)

Pablo and Ilze, travelling Europe for les than 4 Euro a day.

Lander is travelling from Tolosa to Tokyo.

Lorenzo Rojo looks like he does not plan to stop pedalling any time soon.  (Basque)


Andreas is wholeheartedly experiencing time passing on his bicycle.

Corax is either on a bicycle or on his foot touring and travelling.

Daniel Vilhemsson is all about adventures on foot or pedals.

Daniel travels around the world on his bicycle and does other adventure stuff.

Emil and Johanna are bicycle touring around the world.

Eric writes in Swedish, but he has a bicycle. (Swedish)

Kris got the disease of bicycle touring and he is suffering heavily right now.

Lars Bengtsson is a lost cyclist in the last ten years and continues to be so.  (Swedish)

Peder rides his bicycle with friends and writes about it.

Stellan made a lot of rides on his bicycle.  (Swedish)

Tim Bogdanov rides a bicycle.  (Swedish)

Tom rode and still is riding Europe and Asia.


Beat Heim is practically everywhere on his bicycle.

Romy and Cincio did a great bicycle tour some time ago.  (Italian)

Valeryne and Luc just finished their world tour.  (French)

United Kingdom

Aaron is travelling the world and making interviews with people.

Astrid did a pilgrimage on a bicycle some time ago.

Ben and Sylvie went on a tour around the world  (French)

Catherine Howett and Liz Darley are travelling to Thailand and talking about HIV/AIDS.

Charlie, touring the world on a bicycle.

Chris and Lesley are escaping the cold weather on their bicycles.

Dan, but also Ken and another lot of people, are riding their bicycles to improve the life of people in Africa.

David Piper is constantly on a bicycle.

Derek, got a cancer, sold everything, and went on a bicycle tour.

Hariet and Neil Pike are out there on their bikes.

Helen Lloyd is taking on the world by bicycle.

John likes to wander around on a bicycle.

Leon McCarron is a film maker and likes to ride bikes, endlessly.

Leon Whiteley decided to go back home to England by bike, back in 2008.

Matt and Sylwia are never tiered of cycling.

Matthew went on a bicycle ride all over the world.

Max Goldzweig and Emily Conradi rode their bikes to Africa.

Neil, riding his bicycle to raise money for UNICEF, you know, children.

Peter Gostelow made a big tour of Africa and a long way back home.

Rob is travelling the world on a bike ride.

Shane is just a regular bloke with a bicycle.

Steve rides on all six continents.

Steve Cayford forms his view of the world on a bicycle.

Tim and Mat made their way to Kenya on a tandem to raise money for the people in Africa.

Tom is a persistent bicycle adventurer and blogger.

Tom Walwyn and Sarah Hedges are bicycle nomads.

Will is a Super Cycling Man, cycing in a Superman costume... now that is a thing to see. 

United States of America

Annabelle Vinois and Dave Meyer are thinking permaculture on their bicycles.

Bob Stanley is cycling the Americas.

Brian did a bicycle tour to aid the hungry. 

Cari and Mike love to bike.

Casey lives wandering, lately on his bicycle and boat.

Cass Gilbert makes beautiful photos while out riding.

Daniel rides to get around on dirt roads.

Darren is a professional bicycle tourist… what a great job.

Gnat rides his fat bike and takes photos.

Joe Cruz a philosopher on a bicycle.

John and Nancy take their family on bicycle trips and inspire others to do so.

Katie and Jared are on yet another tour through Asia and Europe.

Kyle went from the lowest point to the highest point in Africa.

Kurt is riding dirt roads on a fat bike.

Lael goes places on her bicycle.

Leah Manning went from California to Argentina.

Logan, Mike and Virginia are pedalling nowhere.

Dustin Sharp rides his bicycle, makes exercises and keeps a diet.

Nicholas goes places on his bicycle.

Pat and Cat Patterson did an around the world bicycle odyssey.

Paul made a Pan American tour.

Rick Gunn rides a bicycle and takes photos, really good photos.

Sarah and James Welle did a world bicycle tour and found Serbian drivers to be the worst.

Sarah and James rode from Alaska to Argentina.

Shirine and Kevin, it is always difficult to put a country of belonging to someone who travels that much.


Juan and Mari went on a bicycle across South America.  (Spanish)


 Finally, I am sure that there are a ton more, but I still have not had the pleasure to bump into their blog. When I do, I’ll add it here. You are invited to help me out and send me more links.